Chimerical epics

Each chimerical epic is a journey that takes me to destinations where I encounter fantastic creatures, invisible giants that question, and question me. The idea of using nature and humans to illustrate metaphysical subjects was born during the research I carried out to build certain chapters of the Sentimental Blur cycle.

Oneiric portraits

I explore the Universe of possibilities through encounters, artistic directions and journeys to Synapsie.

The idea of using nature and human beings to illustrate metaphysical subjects was born during my research into the construction of certain chapters of the poetic cycle Flou sentimental.

I create portraits as self-portraits. I see bodies as vectors of intention.

On the edge of worlds

Dark matter(s)

Watery legends

The meteor

The beach

Earth, mother of chimeras

The seed of Gaïa

Asymptotic loves

Ineffable landscapes

Do you still ever happen to experience this capacity for wonder? Does beauty stir your emotions? This gift is given to human beings when they come into the world and yet, for most of us, it fades after childhood.

With photography, I’ve experienced a kind of awakening, a rebirth of this gift to be able to marvel at both the simple beauty of small things and the grandiose spectacles of nature.

For several years now, I’ve been going in search of these small pleasures. These sunsets at altitude or by the ocean, these nights under the stars that don’t yet know that I’m looking at them. Thousands of years from now, they will bear witness to my admiring and benevolent gaze.

Islands in the sky

When night embraces day

The heart of a giant