The “élaboratoire”

What is an "élaboratoire" ?

This term is a neologism. The “élaboratoire” is a comfort zone, a refuge, a promontory; it’s also a cocoon for reflection, a workshop where you can print a sensor, use a brush and stamp.

It’s dark enough to bare one’s soul in total intimacy, yet bright enough to keep the eye alert and allow words to be set down on paper or on a few bytes.

My photographic and poetic élaboratoire

My élaboatoire is very much like yours, made up of tools and materials.

My élaboratoire is a mindset, an opportunity that takes me on journeys into inner territories that I explore or rediscover. Here, I undertake the creative processes that give rise to my photographs and writings.

My photos are mainly taken outdoors, where I like to mix landscapes and nude bodies (Landscape nude). I’m very sensitive to the beauty of forests, rivers and mountains.

I marvel at the orange-tinted mists, I let myself be lulled by the flickering end-of-day lights and contemplate at my leisure the twinkling stars that inhabit the darkness of night.