I’m Thanh NGUYEN, a self-taught human being, also a photographer, based in Lyon, France, on Earth, at the center of the observable Universe.

The purpose of this site is to introduce you to my photographic and poetic “élaboratoire”, the publication medium for my creations.
Through my personal photographic projects, I bring to you both an oneiric and aesthetic experience. I accompany them with a few writings that, if you wish, can shed some light on the subject and provide keys to reading.

You’ll discover territories within everyone’s reach, faraway and inner lands, where anything is possible.

Have you ever heard of Synapsie?


I don’t consider any creation to be a finished, immutable object. All I do is lay down markers and avenues for reflection.

I’m less interested in photography as an object than as a medium. From then on, it’s replaceable.

And so am I.

I also invite you to discover my poems on Maelström, my diary. Here you’ll find poems and haikus, as well as articles on subjects close to my heart, in particular summaries of hikes in Synapsie.