Poetic cycles

The poetic cycles are almost finished collections; books whose pages bear the imprint of the stories of my sojourns into the encounter with myself.

These poetic essays carry the intoxicating scent of sweet melancholy, a veil of mist over a truth they struggle to conceal. In them, I distill my paradoxes, my wholes and my opposites.

I give myself over completely, and my soul is bared.

Flou sentimental

Flou sentimental is a collection of pictures and poems that tell about me, but could also tell about you. They describe a world driven by poetry, that useful drug when time needs to take its time.

In them, I reveal myself, bared, and invite you to travel through these fragments of a life we’d like to spend loving.

Chimerical epics

Chimerical epics are thoughts finding their path among imaginary. Beyond reality, the world offers an infinite range of possibilities.

And in these worlds without boundaries, neither in space nor in time, I close my eyes and hope for the song of chimeras.